Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum 45 – 1980

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  1. Text: u.a. Bible (Vulgate), Gospels
  2. Schriftheimat: Kontinentaleuropa (Westfrankreich? Bretagne? Loiretal?)
  3. Entstehungszeit: sec. ix or x
  4. Provenienz: The MS is assumed to have come to England soon after its creation; it was in the possession of a chapter-clerk of Ripon Cathedral, Mr J. Whitham, in the late 1800s. After that it became part of Mr. H. L. Bradfer-Lawrence’s collection before being deposited in the Fitzwilliam Museum by his trustees.


  • Insg. 49 ae. Griffelglossen, davon 30 zum Matthäusevangelium, 15 zum Markusevangelium und 4 zum Lukasevangelium
  • Insg. 62 ae. Federglossen, davon 47 zum Matthäusevangelium und 15 zum Markusevangelium


  • Napier (1900: xxxiii, n. 2d), mentioning 4 OE dry-point glosses in a footnote
  • Meritt (1961: 443 [no. 5]) editing 15 OE dry-point glosses